Incentive Programs

Currently, there are three incentive programs being by the City of Dauphin.

1. Housing Development Incentives

To encourage new housing development within the City of Dauphin, there is an incentive program being offered:
1000 Per Unit Incentive Program Brochure Jan 2013 Revisions

2. Building Demolition Incentive Program

The City of Dauphin’s Building Demolition Incentive Program (also known as the Tipping Fee Rebate Program) provides a 50% rebate on tipping fees to any individual demolishing a residential dwelling or commercial structure in its entirety and constructing a new building in its place.

Tipping Fee rebate brochure 2016

3. Industrial Park Incentive Program

Suitable businesses may be eligible for a reimbursement of land purchase in the City/RM of Dauphin Joint Dauphin Industrial Park. Please contact us directly for more information on this program.

Other development incentives may offered by the City of Dauphin through its Economic Development department on a case by case basis. If you are considering Dauphin as the location for your business, contact our Economic Development Manager to see if your business may fit within our guidelines.