Meet our Team

The staff of Dauphin Economic Development & Tourism provide a range of services designed to promote the community and support businesses and organizations in their efforts to attract, sustain and increase economic activities in Dauphin.

The department is usually the first point of contact for clients seeking information on opportunities in Dauphin. DED&T’s three core areas of service include:

  1. Oversee community marketing activities designed to attract potential new visitors, residents and investors
  2. Work with community partners to deliver services to clients within the community
  3. Provide leadership for new product development and community collaboration initiatives

We are members of:

Economic Developers Association of Manitoba
Economic Developers Association of Canada
International Economic Development Council
International Council of Shopping Centers
International Business Innovation Association

Two staff members make up the Economic Development & Tourism team at Dauphin City Hall.

Economic Development Manager
Dauphin Economic Development & Tourism
100 Main Street South
Dauphin, MB R7N 1K3
Phone: 1-204-622-3229
Fax: 1-204-622-3290

Ember Kutcher
Marketing Coordinator
100 Main Street
Dauphin, MB
R7N 1K3
Office: 204.622.3216
Fax:    204.622.3290

2019 Community Economic Development (CED) Board

Staff in Economic Development work closely with a volunteer board of representatives from the City and RM of Dauphin who’s role is to:

  • Be our eyes and ears in the community and communicate potential opportunities or issues
  • Be a sounding board for ideas and issues related to economic development and tourism
  • Represent various sectors of the community; providing us with a cross section of expertise to draw upon when applicable
  • Sit on active committees if necessary and provide ideas and input to initiatives if appropriate
  • Support departmental initiatives and advocate other levels of government and partners if and when necessary or appropriate

The current board consists of:

  • Citizens at large
    • David Bosiak
    • Clayton Swanton
    • David McInnis
    • Brendan Gardner
    • Duane McMaster
    • Jim MacMillan
    • Alyson Sametz
  • Appointed representatives
    • Mayor Al Dowhan (City appointed rep)
    • Councillor Devin Shtykalo (City appointed rep)
    • Reeve Ron Ryz (RM appointed rep)
    • Councillor Midge Sametz (RM appointed rep)
    • Richard Bankert (Chamber appointed rep)

Please note: Confidential business development projects are not discussed with the CED Board.