Downtown Revitalization

Downtown Revitalization area Downtown revitalization is a key strategic priority area for the City of Dauphin’s Economic Development & Tourism Board. To focus on and formalize activities in this area, a Downtown Development Committee composed of business representatives was formed in 2014 as a subcommittee of the Board. The following four potential downtown revitalization priority areas have been identified through feedback from various downtown development meetings over the past five years along with discussions of the Committee.

  1. Improving public and private spaces
  2. Attracting development, commercial tenants and residents
  3. Providing reasons for people to spend time downtown
  4. Promoting all that the area has to offer

We’ve seen many changes and improvements in the downtown over the past few years. New businesses, new construction, improved rental housing and additional parking. And now, Mayor & Council at the City of Dauphin have approved a multi-year streetscape enhancement program and are encouraging Committees of Council and other community organizations to focus projects on downtown initiatives for the next few years.

Is there a new theme for downtown?

There isn’t a theme but a set of design elements that can be incorporated in public spaces and for businesses to use as a coordinated element as well. These design elements include warm woods (e.g. Varathane Woodstain colour Traditional Cherry No. 245), black and/or graphite metals.

The new bike racks are black metal, the street lights were painted black with black and white new LED lighting tops updated by Manitoba Hydro, and new benches are black metal with warm wood seats.

What has happened to date? 

In 2015, the Downtown Development Committee contracted HTFC Planning & Design out of Winnipeg, MB to provide recommendations for a potential downtown streetscape enhancement initiative.Downtown businesses were invited to participate in the consultation process and had the chance to collaborate on the initiative. We took their input and HTFC’s experience and devised a multi-year strategy to enhance our downtown area.

As well, the City of Dauphin purchased the vacant lot at 15 2nd Ave NE and created a gravel parking lot for public use.

Other projects completed to date are as follows.

Main Street Streetscape Enhancements

  • Gateway signs welcoming you to the downtown area from the south and north
  • Benches
  • Light standard upgrades – new LED tops by Manitoba Hydro and posts to be painted black
  • New dual stream garbage & recycling containers
  • Bump out park preparation for new benches and other upgrades to be completed in 2017
  • Updating existing wooden structures like the fences along Main Street and the railway tracks with stain that matches the design elements
  • Storefront Improvement Incentive Program (currently in its 3rd and final year)

Active Transportation

  • Signaled cross walk sign to be installed on Main Street North at 4th Avenue (Post Office corner)
  • Traffic study at Main Street South and 1st Ave South
  • CN pedestrian underpass improvements
  • Installation of bike racks in the downtown area

CN Park & CN Station upgrades

  • Foliage clean up in CN Park
  • New LED lighting near the CN station
  • Passenger warming shelter for VIA rail passengers
  • Up lighting of the CN station
  • Improved luggage cart bases
  • Refresh of the existing benches
  • New meeting space pad at the original CN Station location in CN Park
  • Replace the interpretive signage in CN park
  • Fencing along the CN tracks

More information will be posted to this page as it’s made available. Contact the Economic Development office at 204-622-3229 or if you have any questions.