Housing Development

In 2009, the City of Dauphin, in partnership with Dauphin Economic Development and Dauphin Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation commissioned an independent housing study which identified the need for additional housing units in multiple categories.

At the Regular Council Meeting of April 18, 2011 a Housing Policy Statement was approved by Mayor and Council to address the identified housing shortage in Dauphin. The purpose of the Housing Policy is to establish guidelines to help address the identified shortage.

In 2012, Dauphin Economic Development conducted a Housing Needs Survey to quantify specific needs of residents. A summary of the report is available from our office.

We are currently working on a Housing Needs & Demand Study with the results to be released summer 2019.

Recent housing development projects in the City of Dauphin include:
Vermillion East Seniors housing
Parkland Crossing additional units
Habitat for Humanity’s first home in Dauphin (second project currently being planned)
Construction of single family homes
Several downtown apartment renovation projects
Construction of new multi-family units around Dauphin by Wilisco Properties
A new life lease seniors complex – Mountain View Villa
Hawthorne Place Condos – 8 unit complex

Other opportunities for development include:
Further multi-family housing projects
Condo development