Housing Development

Dauphin continues to experience steady population growth as people recognize our community as a great place to live, work, and play. To ensure the City can meet the needs for this continued growth, a new housing study was commissioned in 2019. The study is available online in a digital format and combines historical data and forecasts trends identifying the types and number of dwellings needed moving forward. To read more about the assessment findings, click the links below.

Dauphin Housing Need & Demand Market Assessment Findings Overview

Dauphin Housing Need and Demand Assessment – June 2019

Recent housing development projects in the City of Dauphin include:
Construction of the Parkland’s first Net-Zero Energy Home
Vermillion East Seniors housing
Parkland Crossing additional units
Habitat for Humanity’s first home in Dauphin (second project currently being planned)
Construction of single-family homes and multi-family units
Several downtown apartment renovation projects
A new life-lease seniors complex – Mountain View Villa
Hawthorne Place Condos – 8-unit complex
Canadian Mental Health Association’s 12-unit expansion of ECHO Housing

Other opportunities for development include:
Further multi-family housing projects
Condo development